Focal Utopia 2022 Reference High End Dynamic Headphones


Utopia still harbors its ‘M’-shaped dome, pure Beryllium speaker drivers for transparent and true sound reproduction. The new addition to the speaker driver is in the voice coil. We have developed a brand-new voice coil that brings together reliability and lightness.

Some customers have unfortunately encountered issues with speaker drivers in their Utopia headphones, so we have worked hard to resolve this problem. The new voice coil is made up of 30% copper and 70% aluminum, making the speaker driver extremely reliable whilst maintaining its excellent performance.

To push the limits of Utopia even further, to improve linearity and reproduction of the treble, we have incorporated the ‘M’-shaped speaker driver grille (developed for Clear Mg), which follows the curve of the dome. With the new Utopia, what you get is unequalled sound performance with vastly improved reliability!

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Combining comfort and aesthetics, the design and concept behind Utopia certainly live up to these exceptional headphones. The forged carbon yokes, made from recycled carbon, are modern and sophisticated in style, whilst providing more lightness. The honeycomb grille, synonymous with Focal’s open-back headphones, and the Black Chrome ring showcase subtle design details, like the Yin & Yang on the outer case and the black and red double grille on the speaker driver.

So many aesthetic features that fiercely embody Utopia: the perfect balance between technology and design! With the new Utopia headphones, we are delighted to introduce new design codes, which will also be used on Focal’s future Utopia products.

The headphones continue to be delivered in leather-effect packaging and with a carrying case. Two cables are supplied: one 5ft (1.5m) mini-jack cable with 1/4” (6.35mm) Jack adapter, and one 10ft (3m) cable with XLR connector. These two hi-fi accessories are contained by an attractive genuine leather tie.


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