Sd.Kfz 184 Elefant Heavy Tank Destroyer 1944, 1/43 Scale Model


AFV’s of World War II collection
Highly detailed realistic display model
Diecast & plastic parts
Display base included
Approximate dimensions: 7.0” x 2.6” x 2.75”
Box Dimensions: 10.4” L x 4.2” W x 4.7” H
Not a toy. Recommend for collectors and use by persons 14 years or older

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The Elefant (German for “elephant”) was a heavy Jagdpanzer (tank destroyer) used by German Wehrmacht Panzerjäger during World War II. Ninety-one units were built in 1943 under the name Ferdinand, after its designer Ferdinand Porsche, using tank hulls produced for the Tiger I tank design abandoned in favour of a Henschel design.

In January to April 1944, Ferdinands received modifications and upgrades. They were renamed Elefant in May 1944. The official German designation was Panzerjäger Tiger (P) and the ordnance inventory designation was Sd.Kfz. 184.

This Motor City Classics 1/43 scale model replicates the Elefant Jagdpanzer from Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung 653 (653rd Heavy Panzerjäger Battalion) that served in the Ukraine during 1944.


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